About Us

The CCPS, registered in September 1996, is a non-profit organization established to help new immigrants adapt to Canada by providing relevant services and support, such as, education, consultation, and information.

It has a two-pronged mandate:

  1. ​​Addressing the adaptation and educational needs of immigrant families.
  2. Promoting culture and language to adults and children in Edmonton.

The CCPS has been created by immigrants from Mainland China for the purpose of mutual support and community development among non-English speaking individuals and families in Edmonton. Non-English-speaking immigrants are among the fastest growing population in Canada, with the various community members facing the challenges of both adaptation to the new environment, and the adjustment of the family relationships accordingly.

Our Goal:

Our ultimate intention is to nurture leadership skill development among our own members beyond individual learning, which reflects one of our key mandates: community development. Our projects are not implemented through a paid service or program delivery model, since this utilizes non-community members in filling the jobs of leadership and/or facilitation. Instead, we strive to implement initiatives by community members, for community members. Inherent in this process is the support for the participants to develop the skills to eventually take the facilitator/group leader role. We offer services such as heritage language instruction, early age education, parenting workshops, prenatal/postnatal and infant education and support, senior health and wellness support, and youth programs.

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